Welcome and Bienvenidos to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and often referred to the “Paris of South America”.


The best thing to discover a city for the first time before exploring it by yourself is a guided tour in your mother language – and even better (optional) a private tour, without the hustle of being bothered or the feel interrupting someone else.


No loudspeakers, no rush, where you can ask a lot of questions and hear funny or tragic stories. Special Buenos Aires invites you to discover the beauty and wonders of an amazing metropolis.


Service in private and in groups.


Tigre retains the charm of a well-kept colonial port, having flourished at the end of the nineteenth century, where Buenos Aires high society used it as a summer playground, hosting extravagant galas and balls. You only have to see the Buenos Aires Rowing Club Canottieri Italiani and the Museo de Arte Tigre to get a glimpse of the good old times in the past...


Less than an hour away from Buenos Aires this famous day trip destination is a vividly coloured spot for tourists and locals alike. With its tropical micro-climate, palm-lined streets and phenomenal sunsets it is also the gateway to the Delta and its UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


On the way to our destination, we will visit the residential suburbs of the Northern area of the city with its magnificent coastal residences, including a short stop in San Isidro to have a look at the famous neo-Gothic Cathedral and surroundings. Once in Tigre, we will take a boat to explore the islands and the waterways and channels around.


Optional to include lunch in one of the islands.




Many European immigrants flocked to Argentina to take advantage of a vast, fertile untapped territory, building estancias throughout the countryside. Still many estancias belong to the same families and raise cattle and crops. Buenos Aires province has the highest concentration of these ranches, ranging in style from Tudor Castles to Italian Villas.


You can choose a one day tour, including all you can eat asado (barbecue), horse riding, folk music and gaucho show or even go for the whole weekend.


The tango was born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, notably in the brothels of the Junín y Lavalle district and is a big part of the Argentinean culture. Its sensual dance moves were not seen as respectable until adopted by the Parisian high society in the early last century. In 1913, the tango began to move from the dark side of town to elegant dance palaces.


If you are not a tango fan and only want to get a glimpse; visit one of the many shows in town like Esquina Carlos Gardel, El Querandí, La Ventana, Rojo Tango, El Barracas. A typical tango show includes transportation, dinner and almost two hours of dance, milongas and songs. To understand a bit of the soul of a porteño you should definitely include one the impressive tango shows in your stay, maybe the last night in town, before you have to go back home… You will not regret it!



The polo season takes place in Buenos Aires from September to November where the Abierto Argentino de polo is contested. Top teams like La Aguada, Ellerstina, Indios Chapaleufú I and II and La Dolfina with Adolfo Cambiaso.


In addition we offer Polo estancias to learn and develop your technique, learning with the best.

You can also spend one Estancia Day  only 45 minutes from downtown.


Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay) is the closet place from Buenos Aires across the River Plate. This tiny and lovely village was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and is only one hour from Buenos Aires by ferry. Explore the city on foot or rent a bike, motor-bike or even a golf car and take a lot of pictures of the colourful colonial houses, cobbled streets or the light house. A marvellous travel back in time...


You can have lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants along the coast like the Yacht Club or in small places with a big heart around the main street. Don’t miss the great sunsets, and on the way back take a good look at Buenos Aires rising from the river.



The charismatic city of Buenos Aires is also home to some of the best golf courses in the country. If you like golf and don’t want to miss your routine, we can arrange everything you need. Our affiliates are members of the most prestigious clubs, have perfect knowledge of all the courses and will be at your disposal at any time. The only thing you have to worry is your perfect swing.


Or do you like to play in Patagonia? At the southernmost tip of continental Argentina lies the Andean mountain range, which shows a variety of natural beauties, including breathtaking glaciers, crystal clear lakes and magical forests. Or even better: at the Cataratas del Iguazú, one of the world's biggest waterfalls? Combine phenomenal nature with an excellent golfing experience – and get the most of your vacation


Football is a passion for Argentines. Buenos Aires has the highest concentration of soccer teams of any city in the world (featuring no less than 24 professional football teams), with many of its teams playing in the major league. The best-known rivalry is the one between Boca Juniors and River Plate; a match between these two teams was named as one of the “50 sporting things you must do before you die” by The Observer.


Ready to share with thousands of fans an afternoon in La Bombonera or in the Monumental of River?




We are looking for the satisfaction of our clients through our warmth, professionalism and flexibility by offering an equal treatment to which we wanted to receive.



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